Kayawan Cutlery Set
Kayawan Cutlery Set
Kayawan Cutlery Set
Kayawan Cutlery Set

Kayawan Cutlery Set

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The Kayawan Cutlery Set is made from 100% recycled materials. It is the perfect little kit to bring with you everyday and help you say NO to single-use plastics!

Whether you are just getting started making changes in your lifestyle to reduce plastic waste, or pursuing a total zero waste lifestyle; we are here! You might ask, "why should I stop using plastic utensils?" We at Kayawan believe that Eco-Friendly and Sustainable daily habits are essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Since this product is made of the incredible moso bamboo plant, there are no splinters and the edges are smoothly rounded. Using Kayawan bamboo utensils brings us together and back to our ecological roots. Forget plastic, let's change together... let's use bamboo utensils.

Set includes:
1 Spoon (18cm)
1 Fork (18cm)
1 Knife (18cm)
1 Chopsticks (20cm)
1 Cleaning Brush (19cm)
1 Bamboo Straw (19.5cm)
1 Bag

About cleaning
Use neutral detergent. Please never use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals to wash them. Keep it dry and clean.